August 12, 2012

Quick Berry Jam

When I make berry jam, I always make a quick jam. I let my berries simmer in a saucepan for a while and then I add my desired amount of sugar. I don't want my jam to be to sweet, I prefer it to be as "healthy" as possible cause then I can eat more of it:-) And, I want my jam to have maximum flavour from the berries and not from sugar. It literally takes 10 minutes to make this quick jam. However, I watched a TV-show with this Raw-food expert and she said that lots of the vitamins are lost when cooking the berries. And since berries are one of the healthiest and yummiest things you can eat, she suggested to make raw jam. So this Raw Cloudberry Jam that I made, is even quicker than my before so called quick jam.

This is how to do it: Add the berries in a bowl, no cooking, just raw and fresh berries, or defrosted frozen berries, add the desired amount of sugar, stir, taste, maybe add some more sugar and voilá, you have a super healthy raw berry jam. The sugar help to preserve the berries, but of course since no preservatives are added, you can't have it forever in your fridge. I tend to eat it rather quickly, in my porridge, yogurt or as a dessert with a smooth and creamy vanilla ice-cream. Yum Yum!



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