August 8, 2012

My Sweet Party - My Top 3 Favourite Pies

I've picked out my three favourite pies from your link ups and as always, it was difficult to choose from all the yummy stuff you've baked. If you wanna have a look at all contributions for My Sweet Party - July and the theme, My Favourite Pie, check them out here.

First we have this amazing looking all American Blueberry Pie from In Her Chucks. The pie crust is said to be foolproof and the key ingredient seem to be vodka?! I've never made a pie crust with vodka before but apparently it's essential for the texture of the crust. I'm curious and this Blueberry Pie is bookmarked!

I also picked out this creative Chocolate and Raspberry Pie from The Chocolate Box. It's a Swedish blog but you can use the google translation button at the right hand side. The pie is filled with fresh raspberries, smooth chocolate cream and on top of that goodness is a thick layer of oat crumble. Sounds intriguing to me!

And finally I picked this summery and rustic looking Italian breakfast pastry, Fresh Peach Crostata from The Boot. I just love the look of this pie; simple, fruity, summery, fresh and absolutely my cup of tea. Eating a slice of this for breakfast on a warm summer morning I can imagine the feeling of being transported to Italy...




  1. OH my goodness, all of those look incredibly yummy, I need, NEED, to try every single one of those <3 Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. thank you so much for featuring my peach pie johanna! that was so sweet of you! (pun intended :)

  3. That rustic breakfast pastry is my favorite of this group. I love peaches!


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