March 21, 2012

Super Simple Almond Cookies

I'm sooo sorry for being absent the past week, but it's been a crazy and super busy week. I've been planning my relocation to LONDON:-) and yesterday evening I arrived to this amazing city! It's actually spring here in London. Even though it's not very far from Sweden, the climate is definitely better, bye bye warm winter clothes and hello to colourful pieces:-) I love spring! My plan is initially to stay for two months and then time will tell:-)

I'm a proud sponsor of Kelly's blog Eat Yourself Skinny, she encourages and inspires us to keep a healthy lifestyle. Yesterday she wrote a lovely blog post about my blog so make sure to head over to her blog and read her views and at the same time be inspired by her amazing pics of healthy foods.

And finally, I have baked these cute and super simple almond cookies. Anyone can bake these:-). These cookies are small and delicate and goes very well with your afternoon tea.

Almond Cookies, 20pcs
200 grams almond paste
1 egg white
20 hazel nuts

Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees C.

Grate the almond paste with a grater and place in a bowl. Add the egg white, little at a time and work the paste. The batter should come out somewhat loose so you can pipe the mixture.

Fill a pastry bag and pipe small roses directly onto a oven papered baking plate.

Garnish each cookie with a hazelnut.

Bake in the oven for about 8 minutes. Let the cute little cookies cool down before settling down with your cup of tea.




  1. Oh these do sound simple and amazing! Bookmarked. Have a great time in London :)

  2. It almost feels like cheating when baking these, that's how simple they are. And yet, delicate and sweet:-) Just got to London now, and I LOVE IT!!! :-)

  3. Åh så söta! Verkar även som om de är lätta att ordna glutenfria, vilket är bra för min umgängeskrets. Tack för bra tips!


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