January 12, 2012

Lazy Weekend Breakfast

Weekend breakfast is one of the best meals of the day, in my opinion. I love to sit down and eat my breakfast at a slow pace, read the morning newspaper, and talk for hours, deciding on how to spend the rest of the weekend. Sometimes breakfast doesn't end until lunchtime...

I hope you like the inspirational recipes and pics I've chosen for you.

Yummy Mummy Kitchen has made these delicious looking egg and spinach fillo cups.

Or why not bake this brioche loaf from Snippets of Thyme . When I was studying in London I worked part-time at a café and we had the most wonderful brioche. It was perfect as breakfast or with my after-noon tea with a sweet marmalade.

If you would like something delicious but also easy and quick to make a breakfast parfait is a nice option. I found this Blueberry breakfast parfait at A Splash of Vanilla. Blueberries are the best!!! It's my absolute favourite berry.

If you prefer something more salty, these Bacon and Egg cups from Crepes of Wrath looks delicious.


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