January 7, 2012

Fruity Smoothie

I read a travellers magazine about Thailand this morning and saw all the lovely photos of beaches, spicy foods and coral blue oceans and remembered when I was in Malaysia last year and had the most wonderful smoothies every single day!! I miss it!! Especially since the weather here in Stockholm, is cold and grey at the moment.... So I made myself a fruity smoothie to cheer me up and at least have a little taste of Malaysia.....sometimes I'm easily amused and satisfied! :-)

Fruit Smoothie

1 apple
1 banana
1 orange

Peel the fruits and mix with a blender add some ice. No sugar is needed since the banana gives the smoothie a natural sweetness.

So easy, so healthy and soooo yummy! Great for breakfast, snack or as a dessert even. Fruit smoothies are an excellent way to increase your intake of your daily-5 of fruit and vegetables! :-)


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