December 8, 2011

Swedish Chocolate Balls

This is a classic Swedish recipe and a favourite amongst many. It's one of the first things children learn to make and it's very popular at kids parties. However, you can find these chocolate balls at every café in Sweden. The traditional name for this ball is negerboll (negroball), however since that is a very offensive name, the name has changed to chocolate balls. To read more click here.

They are very easy to bake since they don't require any cooking or baking. Making a treat for yourself can't get much easier than this!

Chocolate Balls, 25 pcs

100 g butter
1 dl sugar
3 dl regular rolled oats
2 tbs unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tsp vanilla sugar
2 tbs cold strong coffee

Place the ingredients into a bowl and mix together into a dough, using your hands.

Pinch of small pieces of dough and roll between your hands to make small balls. The size is totally up to you. Some prefer small chocolate balls and other prefer bigger ones.

Then roll your chocolate balls in coconut flakes, nib sugar or sprinkles.

Your Chocolate Balls are now ready to be eaten. But if you prefer them colder and more firm, place them in the refrigerator for about 1 hour.

Below you can see Chocolate Balls covered in nib sugar. This pic is from She Simmers a thai cooking blog.

These colourful Chocolate Balls are covered in sprinkles which makes them very colourful. I found this pic from a super nice Swedish blog Söta saker that I often read to get inspiration.


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