December 19, 2011

Crispbread a Swedish Classic

I found a recipe for crispbreads in a magazine and it sounded quite simple to make, so I thought I try and see for myself. In my family we eat a lot of crispbreads, as a snack or as a compliment for dinner. We always buy it at the supermarket, but since everything else homemade tastes much better than store bought, these should to?!

It wasn't that difficult, but since I decided to use gingerbread moulds it took a while. But it was worth it, they are so much prettier than just breaking them into pieces. For this recipe I used traditional bread spices such as fennel and caraway, but why not try to bake it with cinnamon to make it a more christmassy bread. The possibilities are endless:-)


25 grams of yeast
5 dl lukewarm water
1/1/2 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp caraway powder
1/2 tsp fennel powder
2 dl wheat flour
9 dl rye flour

Make crumbles of your fresh yeast and mix with the lukewarm water and salt, in a bowl until it dissolves. (If you are using dry yeast, mix the yeast with the flour instead).

Add spices, wheat flour and almost all rye flour. Make sure the dough is not to hard but still firm. Mix thoroughly, easiest is to use a food processor.

Let the dough rest for about 1 h 15 minutes.

Divide the dough into 4 parts. Roll it out and make the dough really thin, about 2 mm. If you make them to thick, you will end up with a very thin soft bread instead.

Use gingerbread moulds to form the crisps into different shapes or just place it directly onto a oven paper covered baking tray. Pick th crispbrads with a fork or use a knobben rolling pin. Let it rest for about 5-10 minutes.

Bake in 250 degrees C, for about 10 minutes. Let the crisps cool down. If you made big crisps instead of shapes, break them into normal sized pieces once they are cold.



  1. Hi Johanna, I just love your recipe for crispbreads! Plus the gingerbread molds will be perfect for the holidays - such a great idea! I'm always looking for something new to cook and since I started working with Wasa I've fallen in love with crispbreads. We'd love to hear what you enjoy topping your crispbread with and if you have any other unique suggestions, you can share them in our Facebook community: You'll find recipe ideas from other crispbread fans and a coupon for your next Wasa purchase. Enjoy and happy holidays!

  2. Thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked it!! I will definatly check out the facebook community. happy Holidays you too!

  3. Kul att du lämnade en kommentar på picki så att jag hittade hit. Din sida är toppenfin och knäckebröden prima. Bästa gå-bort-presenten!

  4. Tack Tina för den fina kommentaren! Det gör mig glad!


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