December 4, 2011

Christmas Fair

I LOVE going to Christmas Fairs! I always try to go to at least one before Christmas since it gets me into the Christmas mood straight away and it's such a wonderful feeling. This weekend I went with a very good friend of mine to Skansen which was founded in 1891 and was the first open-air museum. It exhibits historical buildings, gardens, animal enclosures, festivities, folk music and living crafts. The surroundings make it a great place for a Christmas Fair!

I had one Lussekatt (Saffron Bun), they were nice but I must say...I prefer my own...:-)

This is a "Kolbulle", I have no word for it in english but it's kind of thick pancake with bacon. It's an old Nordic dish that miners and lumberjacks used to eat. It was easy to make in primitive conditions and it gave the workers the well needed energy.


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