June 1, 2012

My Sweet Party June - Summer Fruits

My first My Sweet Party was in my opinion a success! You contributed with 60 amazing chocolate recipes! Thanks everybody! You've done a great job inspiring us with your recipes. In a few days I'll feature my top three favourites, so please visit soon again to see if your Chocolate recipe is amongst my favourites:-).
Today it's the 1st of June and it's time for a new theme and I hope you'll like to participate. The theme for June is SUMMER FRUITS. Link up your contribution of something summary and fruity:-) and beginning of July I'll feature my top three recipes and blogs. If you need more information about the rules for My Sweet Party, please check it out here.

My Sweet Party Rules
1. Become a follower of "Me And My Sweets".
2. Add "My Sweet Party" logo to your post with a link back to your host blog "Me And My Sweets". Add the "My Sweet Party" link for that particular month so other bloggers can find recipes, receive more visits/comments and discover new inspiring blogs.
3.Place "My Sweet Party" button on the sidebar of your blog.
4. Post a link of your months contribution to "My Sweet Party"
5. Visit other participants for delicious inspiration - make sure you have some treats while browsing as I'm sure you'll be craving sweets after a short while:-)

Here's "My Sweet Party" button for you to grab. And the link to your host http://www.meandmysweets.blogspot.co.uk/

My contribution for June is a Key Lime Pie. I made it together with a friend of mine, it's her signature sweet, and it's heavenly!! I would say, it's THE dessert in a summer evening. The crust is sweet and grainy, the filling flavoured with lime is creamy and tangy, and the topping is made of fluffy whipped cream. WOW! Need I say more:-)

Don't be scared off by the list of ingredients or the fact that it needs time to set in the fridge. It is fairly easy to make, and it's worth the wait:-)

Key Lime Pie

The crust:
16 digestive cookies (original)
113 grams regular unsalted butter

Lime mousse:
4 large egg yolks
375 grams condensed milk (1 can)
2 tbsp of lime zest (taken from 4-5 nice and green limes – keep some zest in the fridge for the food styling in the end)
½ cup lime juice (squeezed from fresh limes and top up with lime juice bought in a bottle)

Whipped cream:
½ cup (or more) of whipping cream
2 tsp of vanilla sugar     

The crust:
Pre-heat oven at 180° C.

Crush the digestives until they’re almost in powder form. Melt the butter and mix it well with the digestives. Lightly butter a round pan. Press the butter & digestives mix onto your pan forming a flat base. Bake in the oven at 180° for 10-12 min. (until light brown).

The lime mousse:
Beat the egg yolks until they’re fluffy (not too fluffy –so still quite firm) and light yellow. Add all the condensed milk. Add half the lime juice and the 2 table spoons of lime zest and beat at a low speed. Add the rest of the lime juice and beat until well mixed. Pour the mousse on your –already baked now– crust. Bake all of it in the oven at 180° for 12 min.

After you’ve taken your pie out of the oven; leave it on the kitchen table for about 1 hour until it cools down and then put it in the fridge for at least another hour (it needs to be a bit chilled so the whipped cream won’t start melting as soon as you put it on top).

Add the vanilla sugar to the cream and then whip until it’s quite thick and dense. Add the whipped cream on the pie and cover it completely until it’s thick and flat. Sprinkle some of your remaining lime zest on the pie to style it up!

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  1. The pie look so good! YUM! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Your pie looks so nice! Must be delicious!


    1. Thank you! I hope you can join this months party:-)

  3. fruit treats are my favorite!

    thanks for hosting

  4. Key lime pie is one of my favorites. Your pie looks amazing and I'm going to make time to try it.

    1. I hipe it turns out well and that you like it:-)

  5. Wow! Your pie looks fantastic & tempting! Thanks for the reminder to link up, nice theme :)

  6. Yum, that looks awesome! And wow - 60 entries! So sweet (in a lot of ways):D I'm gonna make sure I make something for this month as well :)

    1. I was indeed happy to see so many linking up for my very first party:-) I'm looking forward to your contribution!

  7. This cake looks so delicious!!!!thanks a lot for sharing it with us!

  8. This key lime pie looks AMAZING!!!! My mouth is watering! :-)

  9. Love the new theme as summer fruits are my favourite! Thanks for the invitation, I've added my Jubilee Strawberries and cream cupcakes. Your key lime pie looks amazing - I love citrus desserts :)

    1. Thanks for linking up! It makes me happy to see that so many has already linked up:-) Citrus dessert is a summer favourite of mine, and all kind of fruits and berries;-)

  10. You'll have to forgive me ... I had the wrong link copied down on the Whopper Bars :/ I added a Summer Fruit Salad ... Couldn't find how to delete the Bars. Hope you have a great week!

    1. Hi Jamie,

      No problem, I've deleted the whopper bars, enen though they looked really nice;-) Thanks for joining My Sweet Party!

  11. Summer fruits are the best... thanks for hosting this "berry" delicious party!

  12. Oh I love Key Lime Pie! This looks really delicious! And your recipe looks really easy too. Perfect for summer!

  13. Hi Johanna! I found you through M double M. This link up looks totally awesome. I can't wait to include a post in this month's party and get to know your blog better. :)


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