March 11, 2012

Cookies with Salty Peanuts

These little delicacies are divine, and the salty peanut flavour makes them hard to resist. Crunchy, sweet, salty and absolutely marvellous:-)

Cookies with Salty Peanuts, 40 pcs
200 grams butter, room temperature
2 dl sugar
2 dl oats
2 dl chopped salty peanuts
1 tsp baking-powder
3 dl flour

Pre-heat the oven to 175 degrees C.

Whisk butter and sugar fluffy. Add the other ingredients and combine to a smooth dough.

Roll the dough into small balls, and place on an oven paper covered baking plate.

Bake the cookies in the middle of the oven for about 12-15 minutes. Cool down before indulging.




  1. Cookies with salty peanuts sounds very interesting. I have never tried sweet and savoury flavours in cookies. You got me going there! Bookmarked.

  2. Looks delicious, I love peanuts so I'm sure I would love this!

  3. What is "dl"? in the list of ingredients. 2 dl sugar
    2 dl oats 2 dl chopped salty peanuts. Thanks!

    1. hi there! dl is decilitre and is equivalent to 100 ml. I hope this helps, otherwise, plese check out my conversions page. Let me know how the cookies turned out:-)

  4. What a cute website you have, and I notice you like shabby chic design. Something I adore as well.. Who can resist salty and sweet all in one? I know I can't.. LOL...cheers, Jo

    1. Thanks! Salty and sweet in a cookie is irresistable:-) Thanks again for visiting.

  5. Looks Delicious and i love peanuts .i will sure try this one .


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